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      In general, the leakage of hydrauliccylinder is divided into two kinds of leakage and leakage. As long as we lookcarefully, we can judge the cause of the leakage. It is difficult to judge theinternal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder, which is because the parts of theinternal leakage can not be directly observed.

      Then, then, let's just talk about theleakage of the hydraulic cylinder and the causes of the external leakage.

      1: external leakage

      1, the extending end of a piston rod andthe piston rod with the seal is damaged, mostly because of the piston cylinderis also caused by galling, aging.

      With the end of 2, the cylinder with thepiston rod seal damage, this is due to the long-term use of sealing seal causedby aging, there is also a lot of the upper cover too fervent seal extrusiondamage, there is a lot of production of hydraulic cylinder manufacturersdomestic design unreasonable, in most cases, manufacturers in order to savecosts the.

      3. The cracking of the oil cylinder and thejoint of the tubing will also cause the leakage of the hydraulic cylinder.

      4. Oil leakage caused by defects on thecylinder or cylinder end cover.

      5, the piston rod is pulled into the slot,there is a pit point and so on.

      6. The deterioration of lubricating oilmakes the temperature of the cylinder rise abnormally, which causes the sealingring to be aging.

      7, the oil leakage that is often caused bythe use of the pressure range of the cylinder.

      Two: internal leakage

      1, the wear-resistant ring on the piston isseriously worn, causing friction between the piston and the cylinder sleeve,and finally pulling the cylinder, piston and seal.

      2, seal long term use failure, piston seal(mostly U, V, Y type ring, etc.) aging.

      3, the hydraulic oil dirty, a large numberof impurities into the cylinder will wear the piston seal wear to bad, usuallyiron or other foreign objects.

      Through the simple introduction above, wecan find that in addition to the aging caused by the long-term use of oilseals, the problem of oil leakage in hydraulic cylinders can be avoided as longas we pay attention to the maintenance during normal work. So what do we needto pay attention to when we use the excavator? Now let's say a little bit.

      Precautions for the use of hydrauliccylinders.

      After knowing the reason for the leakage ofoil in the hydraulic cylinder, what are the problems we should pay attention towhen we use the hydraulic cylinder? Next, we will talk about the attention tothe use of hydraulic cylinders.

      1, we should pay attention to the normaluse of good protection to prevent the outer surface of the piston rod, bump andscratch damage to seals, now some engineering machinery hydraulic cylinder willdesign a protection plate, although there are, but usually we still have to payattention to prevent bump and scratch. In addition, I often need to clean thesediment on the cylinder's dynamic seal and dust-proof ring and the bare pistonrod regularly, and prevent the dirt that is not easy to clean on the surface ofthe piston rod to enter the internal cylinder, resulting in the damage of thepiston, cylinder or seal.

      2, ordinary use, we should also payattention to the regular check of the threads, bolts and other connectionparts, found loosening immediately fastened. Because the loosening of theseplaces will also cause hydraulic oil cylinder oil leakage, which is very goodfor people engaged in engineering machinery.

      3, we need to pay attention to constantlylubricating the joint parts to prevent rust or abnormal wear in the oil freestate. Especially for some parts with corrosion phenomenon, we should deal withit in time so as to avoid oil leakage caused by corrosion.

      4, during normal maintenance, we should payattention to changing the hydraulic oil regularly, cleaning the system screenin time, and ensuring the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, which is also veryimportant for prolonging the service life of the hydraulic cylinder.

      5, in normal work, we should pay attentionto control the system temperature, because the high oil temperature will reducethe service life of the seals, and the long-term high oil temperature willcause permanent deformation of the seals, which will cause the seals to fail.

      6. Normally, we should carry out 3-5strokes after each use, and then work. The purpose of this system is to exhaustthe air in the system and preheat all the systems, so as to effectively avoidair or water in the system and cause gas explosion in the cylinder block, whichwill damage the seals and cause troubles in the cylinder.

      7, after every work is done, we need to payattention to the best size of the large and small arms and shovel. That is toensure that all the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder is reflued to thehydraulic oil tank, so that the hydraulic cylinder doesn't bear the pressure.Because the hydraulic cylinder for a long time to bear a direction of pressure,will also cause damage to the seal.

      In fact, I believe in the constructionmachinery industry friends note there are many recommendations for the use ofhydraulic cylinder, the author here just list some in your eyes, seniorpractitioners may be some simple, but also hope that many friends can make yourcomments.

      Summary: hydraulic cylinder is a veryimportant part of the hydraulic system. Once the oil leakage occurs in thehydraulic cylinder, it will cause the phenomenon of slow lifting and weakexcavation, which will seriously affect the work efficiency. In this time isthe money society, I believe this is a lot of friends do not want to see. Soplease treat your hydraulic cylinder well.

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